[R] glim in R?

Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca
Mon Nov 15 19:28:50 CET 2004

Tim Liao wrote:

> After some futile searches, I decided to ask the list to see if any
> of the sages out there would have an answer:
> I have a function I wrote a few years ago in S, which calls glim
> numerous times.  I'd like to port it to R, but glm works differently
> from glim, which takes as part of its input an X design matrix.  I
> probably could write a function to convert glim to glm, but hope this
> wouldn't be necessary...

I doubt that you will get any joy in locating a glim() function for
R.  No-one would write one; that would be wheel-re-invention given the
existence of glm().

The glim() function is antiquated and is or should be deprecated.
The technology has moved beyond that.  What you really should do is
re-write your code to call glm().

If it is ***really*** necessary to pass the design matrix, you should
be able to

	o convert that matrix to a data frame, say ``ddd''
	o call glm(formula,data=ddd)
	o the formula would presumably be simply something
	  like ``y ~ .'' since the predictors would simply
	  be all of the individual columns of your data frame.

I can't see this as being particularly difficult recoding.  Or if you
insist, you could do just create your glim() function as:

	glim <- function(y,X,...) {
		X <- as.data.frame(X)

(I can't really remember the glim syntax, but ``glim(y,X,...)'' is
a reasonable facsimile.)

If your design matrix has a constant column you would want to strip
it out before passing the matrix to you glim() function.


					Rolf Turner
					rolf at math.unb.ca

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