[R] tsdiag() titles

Andrew Kniss akniss at uwyo.edu
Mon Nov 15 16:53:12 CET 2004

I am using the ts package to fit ARIMA models, and the tsdiag() function to
plot diagnostics.  In doing so I'm generating an awful lot of diagnostic
plots of different models and different data sets all within the same R
session.  So my question is, is there an option in tsdiag() similar to
<main="Title"> that I can use?  This would be quite helpful when I print out
the plots, so I can tell which plot goes with a particular data set and
model.  I can't seem to find any examples where this has been done, and no
options (other than gof.lag) are listed in the R manual.

data(tbills)       #Treasury Bills
diff.tbills<-diff(ts.tbills)  #Differenced Series
arima.diff.tbills.100<-arima(ts.tbills, order=c(1,0,0))
  tsdiag(arima.diff.tbills.100, main="Treasury Bills")  #main= does not
work, is there a way to name the plot?

Thanks for any help or ideas.
Andrew Kniss
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