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Austin, Matt maustin at amgen.com
Wed Nov 10 04:06:02 CET 2004

The following works, you need to include x=TRUE in the call to coxph.
Passing the time and status variables as additional arguments is a matter of
personal preference.

f.coxph.zph<-function(x, timeVar, statusVar)
	cox.fit <- coxph(Surv(timeVar, statusVar) ~ x, na.action =
na.exclude, method = "breslow", x=TRUE)

time.cox   <- ovarian$futime
status.cox <- ovarian$fustat

apply(ovarian[,-(1:2)],2, f.coxph.zph, timeVar = time.cox, statusVar =


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I wrote a function that worked well in R, but not in
S-Plus, can anyone suggest a solution?

> f.coxph.zph<-function(x)
	cox.fit <- coxph(Surv(time.cox, status.cox) ~ x,
na.action = na.exclude, method = "breslow")

yyy is my data frame that contains survial time,
censor status and predictor variables.

> time.cox<-yyy$time
> status.cox<-yyy$status
> apply(yyy[,-(1:2)],2,f.coxph.zph)

When run in S-Plus, it gave the following error

Problem in model.frame.coxph(fit): Object "x" not

If I remove the 2nd and 3rd lines inside the function,
it worked, so definitely something is wrong in passing
the coxph object into the cox.zph().



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