[R] gplot.hexbin - how to set figure margin.

Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Tue Nov 9 20:30:35 CET 2004


Would like to use to the hexbin package to plot a 2D hist - because it looks really _cool_.
My problem  is related to  drawing a pdf hexbin graphic in series of other graphics.
All other figures have a par(mar=c(3.2,3.2,1,1)). So the gplot.hexbin figure in this series looks a little alienated?

Was trying a to specify the _mar_ using par, viewport, hexViewport etc. a little.

My question. How to set the margins in the sample code below. 

x <- rnorm(10000)
y <- rnorm(10000)
bin <- hexbin(x,y)

## Plot : Note that 'gplot.hexbin' is the S4 plot method for hexbin !
## ----              ------------         --------------


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