[R] R under Pocket PC

David Whiting david.whiting at ncl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 9 20:06:39 CET 2004

Gabor Grothendieck <ggrothendieck at myway.com> writes:

> David Whiting <david.whiting <at> ncl.ac.uk> writes:
> : It is interesting this has come up at this time. Two days ago I
> : installed Linux on a Psion 5MX (16Mb RAM) and am tickled pink by
> : it. Installation is easy. At the moment I only have a small
> : compactflash disk so I have not been able to install X windows or R
> : yet. 
> You could see if MacAnova will install -- its an R/S-like package.  
> Its pretty small (even runs on 640K DOS) and is quite portable.  Its
> not as powerful as R but its still amazingly powerful and you might
> be able to fit it on.

Thanks. I took a quick look and I think I would have to cross-compile
it (I didn't find an ARM binary).  When I get my larger compactflash
card I am hoping that I will be able to just get the ARM debian
package (and all the assorted dependencies) without having to setup a
cross-compiling tool chain---I will have to take a look and see what
is involved in doing this. I don't have a compiler installed on the
Psion and probably would not have enough room for all the libraries
(just guessing here).


David Whiting
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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