[R] can one evaluate an expression in a comment? (or insert results into history?)

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Have you perchance looked at

For example:
> paste("The current time is ", date())
[1] "The current time is  Mon Nov 08 17:06:25 2004"

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I'd like to insert (for example) the current datetime into a comment so
it goes into the history.

I can of course cut and paste the results of date() into a comment line,

but it would be easier and more powerful to be able to type something

> hstamp()

and have it go into the history.

More generally, I would like to put any expression to be evaluated into
this function.

For example,

> hstamp(memory.size(TRUE))

would insert a comment like

# 12279808

after the hstamp command into the history.

Probably one should avoid any expressions with assignment effects or
large amounts of output.

Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong, so please enlighten me if so.

I searched all the help and archives as well as I could.


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