[R] coxph models with frailty

Roberto Perrelli perrelli at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 8 18:20:21 CET 2004

Dear R users:

I'm generating the following survival data:

n=200				#sample size
x=rbinom(n,size=1,prob=.5)	#binomial treatment
v=rgamma(n,shape=1,scale=1)	#gamma frailty
w=rweibull(n,shape=1,scale=1)	#Weibull deviates
b=-log(2)			#treatment's slope
t=exp( -x*b -log(v) + log(w) )	#failure times
c=rep(1,n) 			#uncensored indicator
id=seq(1:n)			#individual frailty indicator
group=rep(1:(n/10), 10)		#shared frailty indicator

Then I'm using the survival package in R 1.9.1 to estimate 
the following Cox models with frailty:  





In all cases, and after several replications, I am getting 
estimates of the variance of the random effect that are 
almost zero, whereas I thought that they should be around 1 
(the variance of the gamma frailty in my data generating 
process). Am I misunderstanding the procedures in some way, 
or is this a known feature? 

PS: Why the difference between the "penalty" (e.g. fit1
$history$frailty$theta) and the "variance of the random 
effect" reported in the gamma frailty models above?


Roberto Perrelli
Department of Economics
University of Illinois
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1206 South Sixth Street
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