[R] Problems with DCOM client packages under R 2.0

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 8 14:36:01 CET 2004

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Lindveld, Charles wrote:

>  I am trying to use the Windows COM interface under R 2.0, and have
> encountered the following difficulties:
>  - the package RDCOMClient installs, loads and works under R 1.9.1,
> installs under R2.0, but does not load or work under R2.0
>  - the package SWinTypeLibs does not install or load under either R
> 1.9.1 or under R2.0
> For the moment I am concentrating on the RDCOMClient package as it seems
> to be the most up-to-date one. 
> My questions are:
>  - has anybody else had this problem (and found a solution)
>  - is this something that I should be able to easily fix myself (on my
> local installation), or do I have to wait for the maintainer of the
> package to fix it?
>  - if it is something so complicated that only the maintainer can do it,
> is it usual to ask the maintainer if he can do that?
> Same questions for the SWinTypeLibs package. The maintainers of
> SWinTypeLibs and RDCOMClient are the same person. 

Both are products of the Omegahat project, not of R.  As that project's 
mailing lists appear to be down, I suggest you contact DTL directly.
The versions on CRAN/src/contrib/Omegahat are way out of date.

There are Windows binaries for R 2.0.0 on www.omegahat.org.  I suspect you
have the wrong versions, but it is not clear which you are using,
including whether you are building from source or installing a binary.  
For SWinTypeLibs there are two binary versions there, 0.2-1 and 0.4-0, and
I was unable to find sources for the former.

I have succeeded in building RDCOMClient_0.8-1 from the sources on R
2.0.0, and it does appear to work.  (I did have to make some changes, at
least to the Makefiles.)  My build is available from 

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