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On 06-Nov-04 lefevre-gallois wrote:
> Dear sir, Dear Madam
> I begin with R and I couldn't find in the manuels how I can solve this
> this problem 
> find n such as |1/ni*sum(Wi)|<0.2
> with Wi<-c(rnorm(200,0,1))
> Thanks for helping
> Best regards

Not sure that I understand the problem.

If ni is a single number (i.e. not involved in the summation)

  ni <- 5/abs(sum(Wi))

gives an lower bound for ni; if ni is to be an integer then

  ni <- floor(5/abs(sum(Wi)))+1

Since there is the (rare) possibility that 5/abs(sum(Wi)) may
be an exact integer, and you want "<" rather than "<=", in that
case you will need (ni + 1) rather than ni. So test the answer:

  ni <- 5/abs(sum(Wi))
  if(floor(ni) == ni) {ni <- floor(ni)+1} else {ni <- floor)ni)}

However, your use of "ni" and "Wi" suggests that you might be
thinking of "i" as a summation index, with each of {ni} and {Wi}
being a series of numbers, perhaps really meaning

  |1/sum(ni*Wi)| < 0.2

in which case the problem would not have a definite solution
unless you state restrictions on the series {ni}.

Hoping this helps,

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