[R] text size + text-dendrogram

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Sat Nov 6 14:09:49 CET 2004

dear R-friends,

i performed a cluster analysis (diana in package cluster) with about 300 

two questions:

- if i plot a dendrogram of the analysis, i can´t read the labels of the 
samples, because the size of the label-text is too big and the label-text 
of  3 or 4 samples are mixed. so i can´t read which label belongs to which 
sample. i tried to adjust the text-size with the option cex (a numerical 
vector giving the amount by which plotting text and symbols should be 
scaled relative to the default - from the help for plot.default(graphics)), 
but it didn´t help. the problem exist also, when i export the plot into a 
meta-file or a postscript-file for further work with the dendrogram in an 
other application.

- is it possible to export or save the dendrogram from the R-shell in a 
kind of a text-dendrogramm like:

                               I                    I
                           ---------            ----------
                           I        I            I         I
s...sample          s1     s2         s3      s4

os: win xp
R: 2.0.0.

with greetings from the snowy tyrol

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