[R] calling a var by name in another var

Oskar Villani o.villani at utanet.at
Thu Nov 4 14:58:34 CET 2004

Hello list,

I'd like to use a variable (or a column of a data frame) by using its name as a
string. E.g.:

Data2003 <- c(150,200,120)
Data2004 <- c(145,211,110)

myvar1 <- "Data2003"
myvar2 <- "Data2004"

# now I'd like do do this

total <- Data2003 + Data2004

# in any way like
# total <- ???(myvar1, myvar2)
# or
# total <- ???(myvar1) + ???(myvar2)
# or something like that

Is there a possibility to do this in R - can't find a solution!

Thanks a lot

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