[R] A little more on R, mdbtools and Access databases

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Nov 4 08:21:59 CET 2004

On 3 Nov 2004, David Whiting wrote:

> Anne York <york at zipcon.net> writes:

> > On the negative side, Brian Ripley reported problems compiling
> > mdbtools, and on the Debian website, there were some security alerts
> > (overflow problems) about mdbtools. Clearly, you were able to compile
> > mdbtools. 
> I had to make some symlinks to get it all to play properly (it seemed
> to expect libraries in /usr/lib when they were in /usr/local/lib), but
> it seemed to compile okay.  The lib problem might have been a problem
> on my side though.  

I was able to compile mdbtools 0.6pre1 (which you will have trouble
finding from their website, so search for the project on sourceforge)  
without any problems.  The public 0.5 gave me so many problems that I gave
up on a 64-bit platform, and gave up on their ODBC module on a 32-bit one.  
However, although the ODBC module makes communications, it reports its
info incorrectly and reports syntax errors with even the simplest SQL, so
it is clearly not ready for use.

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