[R] Suggested color schemes for points, not regions?

kwright@eskimo.com kwright at eskimo.com
Wed Nov 3 17:06:59 CET 2004

I have seen a couple of posts about color schemes like those at the
ColorBrewer site.  Most recently:

These color schemes can work very well for regions (bars, polygons,
images, etc.) but are not very suitable for points and/or lines.

Is anyone aware of research/suggestions for a color scheme to use for
scatter plots?  I've looked at great length and have found little on this

My current scheme of choice is a set of fairly saturated colors along the
lines of:
medium green
This is similar to the 'paired' color scheme, but using only the saturated
colors and substituting black for yellow.  Depending on circumstances, I
sometimes use a different glyph for each color.  The hard part about all
this is to make sure that each color/glyph combination has the same
'attention-getting' power.

Any discussion or comments are welcome.

Kevin Wright

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