[R] Starting with R

Anne G anne at wjh.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 2 23:35:30 CET 2004

I am studying R and within the first 3 lines of
demo("graphics") I get completely stuck.

could you 1. give me the answer so I can move on 2. tell me
how I might find the answer.

On my mac OSX, the first command is equivalent to

now get("quartz") would be a regular function format
but what is get () ()? what kind of beast? does get() return
a function?

I run demo("graphics") and of course I want to stop it right
away, without running through the whole demo, how do I STOP
IT! CANCEL IT? (it gets stuck on hit return to continue

Then I want to look at the program that generated
demo("graphics") and I find a graphic file, but no demo fx.
where is the demo("graphics") fx physically on my computer?
how do I find it on a Mac?

Then I want to list the program, but I can't fine a fx which
list the code of a function.

Sorry, it must seem very basic. But I searched through the
R intro and through the R lists and I can't find the answer.

Thanks for your help


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