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Hi, all;

Our group is planning to develop a web-based analysis package with R. I 
have some questions.
(1) Can we use R as a daemon-like way such that, after invoking R and 
making it run in a kind of background mode, just put some R script into 
R using some pipe-like mechanism and retrieve the result out of it?
(2) If this is possible, then how can we do it? If this is not 
possible, then what is the best way to accomplish this thing? Should we 
just use "R BATCH ..." thing all the time? The concern is that, in this 
case, we have to invoke R every time we want to use it, which will 
cause some time delay for loading R programs every time and may cause 
some system overhead when multiple users try to use R at the same time.
(3) I have a package developed in R with GUI in tcltk and want to port 
it in Java (because there are some other functionalities that have 
already been developed in Java and want to extend existing 
functionalities). The problem is that there does not seem to be an easy 
way to invoke R inside a Java program. I know there is a library called 
RSJava that is supposed to help this kind of situation but what I found 
was that it seemed to work only in Unix environment and it seemed to 
focus mainly users that try to use Java in R not users try to use R in 
Java. What will be the best solution?

Thanks in advance,
Tae-Hoon Chung, Ph.D

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