[R] Creating and editing networks

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Sun May 9 14:35:02 CEST 2004

Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
> I want to draw and edit networks.  Currently I will do something like this  --
> my actual networks are larger and more complex:
> 1. Plot network
> # use polygon with nodes as example network
> N <- 20
> t. <- 2*pi*seq(N+1)/N
> plot(cos(t.), sin(t.), type="b", pch=19, cex=5, col="blue", axes=F, ann=F)
> 2. copy and paste the graphic as a metafile into Word.
> 3. edit the network
> there.   The editing typically just involves moving nodes and the attached
> edges.  Of course, Word does not know the edges are attached to the nodes so I
> have to move the nodes and then move the attached edges, as well.
> The networks are too complex to create the diagrams by hand which is why
> I want to create them in R and then edit them by hand.
> The above strategy is marginally acceptable but 
> I was wondering if anyone had a better strategy which retains the
> simplicity of the present approach but gives me the capability to 
> have the edges move along with attached nodes when editing them.
> (Note that the strategy must consist of generating the network under program
> control, preferably in R, and then editing it afterwards.  I am not looking
> to create the entire network by hand since the networks are too complex for
> that.  I had tried specifying the networks in dot from Bell Labs but 1. its 
> still more work than generating the network in R   2. the automatic
> layout it chooses is so far from what I need that its a lot of work to 
> fix it up by hand in dotty and 3. I could never get them to look just how
> I like.  I have also tried Excel and Powerpoint, both
> of which support connectors, which are edges that move along with attached
> nodes, but to use them I have to create the entire network by hand and
> the networks have grown too complex to do that.)
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Have you tried the CRAN package "dynamicGraph" by Jens Henrik Badsberg?

Uwe Ligges

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