[R] as.double.default()

Alain Yamakana alain.yamakana at rogers.com
Sat May 8 17:22:25 CEST 2004

Hi there!

This is my second message in two weeks. I am regretting to get ride of my
R-1.4.1! In fact, since I upgraded to R-1.8.1 (directly from R-1.4.1) and
then to R-1.9.0 I am experiencing diffulties I never faced before. Professor
Ripley and Dr. Murdoch had helped with the "Fatal Error. HOMEDRIVE." Another
problem I am now facing is that R is not reading any matrix if I do not
specify as.numer(). For instance, if I want to operate on matrix M I need to
write operation_intended(as.numeric(M)) otherwise I got the following
message "Error in as.double.default(): object cannot be coerced to double."

I would appreciate your help to fix either the as.double.default() error or
the "R for Windows GUI front-end has encountered a problem and needs to
close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." encountered when running R-1.8.1
so that I can stay with this version I successfully used for while.

Best regards,

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