[R] Failure to compile source packages in Debian

tobias.verbeke@bivv.be tobias.verbeke at bivv.be
Wed Mar 31 10:26:56 CEST 2004

"F. Tusell" <etptupaf at bs.ehu.es> wrote on 31/03/2004 10:06:32:

> and yet libgc2-pic is not resolved. *HOWEVER* following your lead that
> whatever is needed must by in a library of name libg2c*, I did the
> following in /usr/lib:
>    ln -s libg2c0.so.0 libg2c-pic.so
> and everything works like a charm. Seems it si just a library that
> changed its name.

Hmm.. Doing a search on


using options Keyword g2c-pic
            packages that contain files or directories, whose
                  names contain the keyword
            Intel x86

points to g77 packages.

Probably installing this one is a better solution ?


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