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Knut M. Wittkowski kmw at mail.rockefeller.edu
Mon Mar 29 17:37:42 CEST 2004

Dear Cecilia,

while Saghir and Kjetil may have a point, guidances are no laws. After all, 
it's your presentation and only you can decide what suits the specific 
purpose best.

An R logo can be found on http://www.r-project.org/foundation/.


At 09:17 2004-03-29 +0200, Bashir Saghir (Aztek Global) wrote:
>Dear Cecilia,
>Be careful not to cause a distraction with the R logo in the background of
>your presentation. You could put it in one of the corners if you feel that
>it should be prominently displayed.
>Incidentally you may be interested in some guidelines for presentations that
>I have made available at:
>      http://www.sbtc.ltd.uk/freenotes.html
>These were written with statisticians in mind but can be generalised to
>any presentation.
>I hope that they are useful.
>Best regards, Saghir
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>From: Cecília Shiraiwa [mailto:ceciliashiraiwa at ig.com.br]
>Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 7:04
>Dear all,
>I used R in my work and would like to put the logo of these program on the
>background of my presentation. But the logo that cames with the program is
>in low resolution. Does anyone have the R logo in high resolution?
>Cecília Shiraiwa

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