[R] Could someone email me with the code for glm.nb ?

Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca
Sun Mar 28 19:13:01 CEST 2004

> Hi -- subject says all.  I just want the code for that function,
> which I guess was in Venables and Ripley as early as 1994.
> Well, and for any of the sub-functions that glm.nb calls.  I
> can't install the entire MASS library.

	Why on earth not?  What is the matter with your computer/system?

> If the code for just glm.nb (again, don't want to touch the MASS 
> library, last time I tried to install it was a complete nightmare and
> fiasco) is somewhere on a webpage or ftp site where I could copy it, 
> pls.  just let me know where?

	It's called CRAN!  If you really (and let me repeat, this is
	***weird***) don't want to install MASS, then just get the
	package source, untar it, go to the R directory, and copy
	whatever code you want to wherever you want it.

	Life would be much easier for you if you'd get over your
	hang-ups and just install MASS, but.

	If you are using Linux it's completely transparent and
	automatic.  Even if you are using Windoze (God help you!)
	it's ***still*** (mirabile dictu) completely transparent and

	You can do it from within R --- just execute

	> install.packages("MASS",lib=whatever)

	and R does all the rest.


						Rolf Turner
						rolf at math.unb.ca

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