[R] 1.8.1 on Debian stable

Chris Evans chris1 at psyctc.org
Fri Mar 19 12:03:07 CET 2004

This has probably been addressed here, but I can't find it if it has, 
and it may be up on the R project homepage or the CRAN pages, but if 
so ....

... so sorry if this has been answered before: question is, can I 
upgrade to 1.8.1 under Debian stable (a.k.a. "Woody")?  The deb 
packages in the CRAN archive are clearly for 1.8.0 and those in the 
"unstable" distro for Debian are 1.8.1.  Therefore I assume there are 
dependency problems to solve that didn't make it worth making 1.8.1 
available for Woody and if the package maintainers don't want to try, 
I certainly won't attempt it.  But I am sorry as this seems to mean 
that I can't get the ROC package in Bioconductor for my machine.

(No: too many security reasons why I don't want to go to "unstable" 
on the machine in question.)

Thanks in advance for any advice, pointers or clarifications.

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