[R] error() and C++ destructors

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I am sending this reply on behalf of Erik (who is not a member of this

- Lennart

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From: Källen, Erik 
Sent: 9 mars 2004 11:37
To: Borgman, Lennart
Subject: RE: [R] error() and C++ destructors

I would do something like:

class error_exception {
	error_exception(const string &str) : msg(str) {}
	string msg;

void my_error(const string &str) {
	throw error_exception(str);

int real_my_method(int a, char *b) {
	some code...
	return 0;

// this is the public method:
int my_method(int a, char *b) {
	try {
		return real_my_method(a, b);
	catch (error_exception &e) {

You could probably even create a macro like:
#define R_METHOD_IMPL(rettype, name, paramlist) \
rettype real_##name paramlist; \
rettype name paramlist { \
	try { \
		return real_##name paramlist; \
	} \
	catch (error_exception &e) { \
		error(e.msg); \
	} \
} \
rettype real_##name paramlist

You would use this macro like:
R_METHOD_IMPL(int, my_method, (int a, char *b)) {
	// source code here

I think it would work, but I'm not sure (untested).

/Erik Källén

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From: Vadim Ogranovich [mailto:vograno at evafunds.com]
Sent: 2 mars 2004 22:00
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Subject: [R] error() and C++ destructors

I am writing C++ functions that are to be called via .Call() interface.
I'd been using error() (from R.h) to return to R if there is an error,
but then I realized that this might be not safe as supposedly error()
doesn't throw an exception and therefore some destructors do not get
called and some memory may leak. Here is a simple example
extern "C" void foo() {
    string str = "hello";
The memory allocated for str is leaked.
Did anyone think about this and find a way to work around the problem?

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