[R] abline and its objects

Kevin Bartz kbartz at loyaltymatrix.com
Tue Jun 29 23:22:57 CEST 2004

The problem is that you've instructed R to place lines at the values 91.55,
99.39, 97.04, 92.37 and 88.02, but these values do not correspond to the
user coordinates of the x-axis (which you've specified to be dates).

Luckily, the dates where you need lines are in the rownames of zi. You do
need to convert them to your user coordinates--and that depends on how plot
decides to specify your user coordinates, which hinges on the range of your
full data set (you clipped it).

What's on your x-axis? Do par("usr") when you have one of the plots open and
tell me what R says.


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Hi R People:

Is there a way to put an abline line for its objects on a plot, please?

I have an its object, ibm2, which runs from the January 2 through May 28.

2004-01-02  91.55
2004-01-05  93.05
2004-01-06  93.06
2004-01-07  92.78
2004-01-08  93.04
2004-01-09  91.21
2004-01-12  91.55
2004-01-13  89.70
2004-01-14  90.31
2004-01-15  94.02
I plot the data.  No Problem.
Now I extract the first day of the month in this fashion.
>zi <- extractIts(ibm2,weekday=T,find="first",period="month")
2004-01-02 91.55
2004-02-02 99.39
2004-03-01 97.04
2004-04-01 92.37
2004-05-03 88.02

Still ok.
I would like to put a vertical line at each of the zi values.

Nothing happens.

I tried creating another its object with NA in all but the zi places.  Then 
I used lines(test1)

Still nothing happened.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
R Version 1.9.1
Laura H
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