[R] camberra distance?

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Thanks Mark.

Yes I mean canberra. 

Searching for canberra camberra by google I observed the following.
Searching for caMberra you will find a paper from 1997 where they write camberra instead of canberra dissimilarity for the meassure defined sum(|x_i - y_i| / |x_i + y_i|). Meanwhile there are plenty of articles on the net which  reference this paper from 1997 and write caMberra instead of canberra.  
May be because it is much harder to find an article about canberra distance using google (because of the city). 
A quite assertive argument to use distinctive names and to publish papers in journals which are free, online and can be searched by google.


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On 29.06.2004 at 15:51 Mark.Palmer at csiro.au wrote:

>maybe you mean 'Canberra'?, if so it might have come from work in csiro
>in canberra back in the 60's/70's? Look for Lance & Williams 1967 ,
>possibly. Aust. Comput. J. 1, 15-20
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>Its not an R specific question but had no idea where to ask elsewhere.
>Does anyone know the orginal reference to the CAMBERA  DISTANCE?
>I knew that its an out of topic question (sorry).
>Can anyone reccomend a mailing list where such questions are in topic?
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