[R] Fortran in R??

dardiakm@jmu.edu dardiakm at jmu.edu
Fri Jun 25 19:10:51 CEST 2004

  We have been trying to use a well working Fortran program 
in R but have been unable to upload it as part of our 
undergraduate research.  We are working with windows 98.  
We've read all of what we can find, but cannot figure it 
out.  We've tried the dyn.load commands and whatnot.  Do we 
need a package in order to do this?  Do we need to do it on a 
computer that has the Fortran program on it...and should we 
compile it before we even attempt to upload it?  Do you have 
any suggestions?  Thanks for your time. 
Kris Dardia

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