[R] More problems with lattice and postscript

Virgilio Gómez Rubio Virgilio.Gomez at uv.es
Thu Jun 24 11:11:54 CEST 2004

Dear List members,

I am trying to produce some trellis graphics and to save them in a
postscript file but I only get blank files. R behaviour is certainly
strange because I use a loop to generate the graphics (see code below).
When I change the loop variable myself the postscript graphics are OK.

I am using R 1.9.1 (2004-06-21) on Debian GNU/Linux which I try to keep
updated on a daily basis. I am aware of some problems in R 1.9.0 but
I don't know if it has been fixed yet. And nobody mentioned problems
with loops.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


for(centre in 1:3)
        for(method in 1:12)


                names(auxdata)<-c("Threshold", "Parameters")

file=paste("plots/thresold-",method,"-",centre,".eps", sep=""),
onefile=FALSE, color=TRUE)

                bwplot(Threshold~Parameters, data=auxdata,
                        main=list(label=get.method(method), cex=1.5),
                        horizontal=FALSE, pch=".", scales=list(cex=1.5),

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