[R] Grouped AND stacked bar charts possible in R?

Patrick Lenon lenon at fstrf-wi.org
Tue Jun 22 17:54:58 CEST 2004

Good day all,

My statisticians want an R procedure that will produce grouped stacked 
barplots.  Barplot will
stack or group, but not both.  The ftable function can produce a table
of the exact form they want, but the barplot doesn't show all the
divisions we want.

For an example, here's the sample from the help file for "ftable:"
ftable(Titanic, row.vars = 1:3)
ftable(Titanic, row.vars = 1:2, col.vars = "Survived")
ftable(Titanic, row.vars = 2:1, col.vars = "Survived")

Now take it a step further to try to add another dimension:

b <- ftable(Titanic, row.vars=1:3)

                   Survived  No Yes
Class Sex    Age                  
1st   Male   Child            0   5
             Adult          118  57
      Female Child            0   1
             Adult            4 140
2nd   Male   Child            0  11
             Adult          154  14
      Female Child            0  13
             Adult           13  80
3rd   Male   Child           35  13
             Adult          387  75
      Female Child           17  14
             Adult           89  76
Crew  Male   Child            0   0
             Adult          670 192
      Female Child            0   0
             Adult            3  20

barplot(b, beside=T))

Neither resulting barplot is satisfactory.  The first stacks all the
subdivisions of "Survived = Yes" and "Survived = No" together.  The
second is closer because it creates two groups, but it lists
combinations side-by-side that we'd like stacked. In the above example
"No" and "Yes" would be stacked on bars labeled "Male" or "Female"
in groups by Class.

I've taken a look through the R-Help archives and looked through the
contributed packages, but haven't found anything yet.

If you have any thoughts how we might produce groups of stacked bars
from an ftable, we would appreciate it.

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