[R] Using xtable with summaries of lm objects

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Tue Jun 22 15:16:02 CEST 2004

On 06/22/04 14:49, Martin Maechler wrote:
>>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Dunn <dunn at usq.edu.au>
>    Peter> & Estimate & Std. Error & t value & Pr($>$$|$t$|$) \\
>    Peter> This will not LaTeX correctly, as teh string `$$' occurs;
>    Peter> presumably it should read something like:
>    Peter> & Estimate & Std. Error & t value & Pr({$>$}{$|$}t$|$) \\
>    Peter> or (better IMHO):
>    Peter> & Estimate & Std. Error & $t$ value & Pr($>|t|$) \\
>    Peter> I searched the archives, and couldn't find any reference to this
>    Peter> bug;
>yes, it's a bug.

Not for my version of Latex, which is the one that comes with
tetex-2.0.2-13.  These are actually TeX commands, which Latex
honors.  It makes sense to interpret the first $ in $$ as the end
of text-math mode, rather than the beginning of display-math in
the middle of text-math.  But I agree that this could usefully be
changed.  The point of the present version is to make all the
letters normal rather than slanted.  I guess I favor the slanted
version in the last line, since that seems to be the custom in my
field for $t$.

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