[R] Re: Visual stimulus presentation using R?

Nathan Weisz Nathan.Weisz at uni-konstanz.de
Tue Jun 22 12:32:52 CEST 2004

Hi Christoph,

if you have access to Macs somewhere in your department then you could 
use Psyscope. At the moment it's running under OS9. The OS X alpha 
version (I heard that a beta version is on the way) is not perfect yet, 
but should have no problems with what you intend (present picture, get 
Download the OS9 version at:
The OS X Alpha version:

Concerning analysis of responses I have had no problems so far feeding 
Matlab / Octave scripts with the Psyscope data-files and I guess it 
should be possible with R too.


> Dear all!
> Although the Psycho-Toolbox for Matlab is free software, Matlab isn't.
> I'm planning to do an experiment where it's essentail to travel to the
> subjects, not let the subjects come to where the Matlab licences are
> :-(
> So I need to use a free software for my experiment if I don't want to
> by an extra Matlab licence (which I don't want to).
> Did anyone ever try to do presentation of visual stimuli (images,
> practically, with a little bit of text in my case) with R? I looked
> into the documentation of rgl, but what's lacking there is (as far as
> I saw) the possibility to also read (unbuffered) keyboard input.
> So what I need is:
>   1. put images onto the (full!)screen (qick)
>   2. read keyboard input
>   3. write results (to an R structure, presumably)
> Any idea, suggestion?
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