[R] Visual stimulus presentation using R?

Christoph Lange christoph.lange at tuebingen.mpg.de
Mon Jun 21 15:27:02 CEST 2004

Dear all!

Although the Psycho-Toolbox for Matlab is free software, Matlab isn't.
I'm planning to do an experiment where it's essentail to travel to the
subjects, not let the subjects come to where the Matlab licences are

So I need to use a free software for my experiment if I don't want to
by an extra Matlab licence (which I don't want to).

Did anyone ever try to do presentation of visual stimuli (images,
practically, with a little bit of text in my case) with R? I looked
into the documentation of rgl, but what's lacking there is (as far as
I saw) the possibility to also read (unbuffered) keyboard input.

So what I need is:

  1. put images onto the (full!)screen (qick)
  2. read keyboard input
  3. write results (to an R structure, presumably)

Any idea, suggestion?


Christoph Lange
MPI fuer biologische Kybernetik  |Phone: +49-7071-601-607|
Postfach 2169, D-72012 Tuebingen |FAX:   +49-7071-601-616|

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