[R] Re: problem in long select from RODBC

Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Fri Jun 18 17:43:20 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 16 of June 2004 14:42, Wolski wrote:
> sqlQuery(channel, "select dir, c \
>  from firsthit3 \
>  where dir LIKE \"%SCHULEN%\"")

Another option is paste(). This works for me (selectedCities is a constant 
set outside of this function):

	getData <- function(var,condition,whatTotal="sum(vctcnt)") {
	    temp <- sqlQuery(pg,paste(
	        "select year, month, ori, ", whatTotal," as total",
	        "from victims where ori in ",selectedCities,
	        "group by year,month,ori",
	        "order by year,ori"))

and it is run like:

	data.youth    <- getData("murdyouth"," and offage <= 24 ",

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