[R] Html help does not work in Mac OSX 10.3.4

Emilio A. Laca ealaca at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jun 18 22:57:56 CEST 2004

I recently upgraded from R 1.8 to 1.9. I removed 1.8 following the
instructions. Html help has not worked since. When htmlhelp="TRUE" the
help.start() command results in the "patience" message and nothing else
happens. I am using mac osx 10.3.4. Help worked fine when I was using R 1.8.

I need help help ;-] Thanks!
Emilio A. Laca     
One Shields Avenue, 2306 PES Building
Agronomy and Range Science                    ealaca at ucdavis.edu
University of California                      fax: (530) 752-4361
Davis, California  95616                            (530) 754-4083

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