[R] Jobs openings in Italy

Stefano Volinia s.volinia at unife.it
Wed Jun 16 12:54:59 CEST 2004

I apologize if this post is not relevant to this mailing list, but I 
feel it might be of interest for many of you and did not find any other 
more suitable R-list.

We are seeking for a couple of post-docs at University of Ferrara, 
Italy. The posts are in microarrays data mining and are for people with 
a degree in Statistics, IT or related. A documented interest in 
biological problems, network analysis and system biology would be an 
These are up to three years appointments starting from Fall 2004. The 
project in which the two successful candidates will be involved is a 
Telethon  Facility for Microarray Analysis. The environment includes 
up-to-date molecular biology facilities, such as for example an 
Affymentrix station.The salary will be according to  experience.

Requirements: Experience with R.  Must be able to execute statistical 
methods including linear and nonlinear models, Hidden Markov Models, and 
Bayesian methods. Familiarity with multiple testing, permutation, 
cross-validation, cluster analysis is needed.  Be able to perform 
simulations and test experimental design strategies.
To work closely with biologists in the area of microarray analysis and 
software development, by using both Bioconductor and R.
Strength in computer programming is a plus. Array data includes open 
source and Affymetrix platform.


Requirements: Good knowledge of object-oriented programming, SQL and 
proven skills in Perl and/or  C++. Bioinformatics background is a plus.

The position is for the further development of the GOAL online system 
(http://microarrays.unife.it), its integration with different databases 
and the implementation of tools for data analysis and visualization by 
WWW interfaces.
A knowledge of PHP, or Python together with experience in relational 
database design and management is desirable.


Telethon Facility - Data Mining for Analysis of DNA Microarrays
Lab. di Genomica Funzionale 
Dip. di Morfologia ed Embriologia - Universita' degli Studi
Via Fossato di Mortara 64/b, 44100 Ferrara (ITALY)
Tel +39-0532-291714 or -291537                   Fax +39-0532-291533

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