Fowler, Mark FowlerM at mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Tue Jun 15 20:45:55 CEST 2004

I'm looking for an optimal approach to access Oracle databases via RWeb
applications. I'm new to R but familiar with programming functions and web
pages for the S+ Statserver. I'm now going through the motions of migrating
S+/Statserver applications to R/RWeb as a feasability exercise. I can access
databases using ODBC directly in R or S, and using Statserver, but I have
not succeeded at extracting into R in RWebs batch mode. I can 'require
RODBC' in .Rprofile with apparent success, but the results of odbcConnect
differ from those when the command is typed into the R commands window.
Instead of a parameter list I get a -1. Does anyone know the solution to
this problem? Also, might anyone know the comparative merits of using some
PERL module (like DBD::Oracle) to do the extraction, as opposed to using
RODBC (assuming RODBC can be implemented in batch mode)? I'm currently using
Apache on Windows XP if relevant, but LINUX may be the final host (we'll
compare, but those more Web-wise than I expect LINUX to outperform Windows
for our purposes). 

> 	Mark Fowler
> 	Marine Fish Division
> 	Bedford Inst of Oceanography
> 	Dept Fisheries & Oceans
> 	Dartmouth NS Canada
> 	fowlerm at mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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