[R] installing my own package - problems with INDEX

Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Tue Jun 15 10:11:48 CEST 2004


If I have similar problem.

I first run R CMD check. Then I change to the directory mypackage.Rcheck where R CMD check generated a file mypackage-manual.tex.
Then I try to compile the file using latex by myself. In addition I am using a latex error aware editor (texniccenter on windows).
When I have the error pinned down in tex file, its usually quite easy to find the corresponding Rd file and then the error in the Rd file.

Sincerely Eryk.

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On 6/15/2004 at 3:14 AM Pamela Hall wrote:

>>>Hi there;
>>>I am a neophyte to R though I have been messing around with programming
>>>in other languages and environments for some years (my dog's name is
>>>punchcard to give you some idea of how many years).  I have been trying
>>>to make a package and install it, to no avail.  The functions I have
>>>written all work as expected (by me, that is).  But I cannot get the
>>>html help pages to work.  
>>>The failure appears to be in creating the INDEX file.  No matter how
>>>carefully I check all of my *.Rd pages, the error message that I have
>>>"unbalanced braces"  keeps showing up.  I cannot find any error in
>>>matching braces.  I am using Alpha as the editor, and it identifies
>>>mismatched braces - there are none in the *.Rd file.
>>>Another aspect of this problem is that the INDEX file only contains one
>>>line, that of the first file.  However, the html dir has an index file
>>>(00Index.html) that contains all of the functions I have documented, but
>>>they are all linked to the same identical function web page - the first
>>>Please give me a hint.  There are no mismatched braces as far as I can
>>>tell.  Even when I try to check a single function and its Rd file, I get
>>>the same error message.  And there are no other error messages.  The
>>>package can be attached and the functions work, but the help pages do
>>>I must be doing something really simple, but very wrong.  What are the 5
>>>most common first mistakes some one makes in Rd files?
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