[R] complete newbie Q

jeroen clarysse jeroen.clarysse at easynet.be
Mon Jun 14 12:19:51 CEST 2004

thanks for your extensive info, Petr !

I guess you are right that i should not try to put to much time in R when a
simple C application is faster.

but there are 2 reasons why I would still try it :

- i'm not a statistics or data-analysis expert. I do not know sufficient
math to work our fitting algorithms in C. So i would still spend a lot of
time researching the underlying math. I hope that R will solve this for me
- I don't want my collegues (who are not programmers) to start asking me
every little thing. I hope that, by showing them this analysis in R, they
will learn some of it themselves and leave me alone :-)

I will look into your sample as soon as i find the time !

thanks again !


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