[R] RE: [R-sig-finance] Rmetrics - New Built 190.10055

Charles and Kimberly Maner ckjmaner at carolina.rr.com
Sun Jun 13 17:52:17 CEST 2004

Hello and thank you.  I look forward to using the new packages under both
Win32 as well as FreeBSD.

Quick question.  Any chance this package collection could be added, say, as
a new category under the package directory at http://cran.us.r-project.org/?
Perhaps it's not appropriate and/or not the scope as this area is under a
non-traditional category.  (Although, I think that's one of the aims of this
forum is to introduce R to an additional audience.)  Anyway, I thought I'd
ask/propose the idea.


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*June 13, 2004
Rmetrics - new Built 190.10055

Rmetrics is an environment and a collection of functions for teaching
financial engineering and computational finance

*The new built should now run out of the box under Windows, Linux, and Mac
OSX. In addition new functionality has been added, and some fixes has been
done. New functions and example files have been added. Please inspect the
FAQ and CHANGES <CHANGES.html> files. Goto: www.rmetrics.org .

Suggestions are welcome!

Diethelm Wuertz

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