[R] Clustering Categorial and Continuous Variables

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You need a apropriate dissimilarity measure.
look for daisy in package cluster

x: numeric matrix or data frame.  Dissimilarities will be
          computed between the rows of 'x'.  Columns of mode 'numeric'
          (i.e. all columns when 'x' is a matrix) will be recognized as
          interval scaled variables, columns of class 'factor' will be
          recognized as nominal variables, and columns of class
          'ordered' will be recognized as ordinal variables.  Other
          variable types should be specified with the 'type' argument. 
          Missing values ('NA's) are allowed. 

Fore example Gower 1971 proposed a coefficient for variables of different type(?) categorial continous binary.


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On 6/10/2004 at 11:52 AM Wayne Jones wrote:

>>>Hi there fellow R users, 
>>>R has many different clustering packages (e.g. mclust,cluster,e1071).
>>>However, can anyone recommend a method to deal with data sets that
>>>categorial and continuous variables?
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