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I would convert the simmilarities into dissimilarities by myself.
Its quite easy.
For example to make a dissimilarity from correlation which is a simmilarity measures you can:
dcorr = 1 - cor

and dcorr will be a dissimilarity.
More general. Make the smallest value the largest and the largest the smallest. And ensure that the transformation is monotonical.


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On 6/10/2004 at 9:06 AM Xinan Yang wrote:

>>>my major is bioinformatics, and i'm trying to cluster ( agglomerate
>>>the closest pari of observations ) in R.
>>>i have already got my own similarities metric, but do not know how to
>>>clust it based on similarities instead of dissimilarities.
>>>since the help document of hierclust mentions the parameter "sim",
>>>which seems good to me, but it doesn't appear in the code of
>>>hierclust() function again? and no sample about it.  so could anybody
>>>please help me as author?
>>>thanks in advance
>>>xinan yang
>>>xinan at molgen.mpg.de
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