[R] direct data frame entry

Tony Plate tplate at blackmesacapital.com
Wed Jun 9 21:42:22 CEST 2004

easy to do it by column:

 > d <- 
 > d
        name val1 val2
r1 obs1name  0.2  0.3
r2 obs2name  0.4  1.0
r3 obs3name  0.6  2.0

(when you do it by row, you get the numbers as factors because 
c("obs1name", 0.2, 0.3) etc. are character vectors)

At Wednesday 01:29 PM 6/9/2004, ivo welch wrote:

>hi:  I searched the last 2 hours for a way to enter a data frame directly 
>in my program.  (I know how to read from a file.)  that is, I would like 
>to say something like
>    d <- this.is.a.data.frame(   c("obs1name", 0.2, 0.3),
>                                          c("obs2name", 0.4, 1.0),
>                                          c("obs3name", 0.6, 2.0) , 
> varnames=c("name", "val1", "val2")  );
>everything I have tried sofar (usually, building with rbind and then 
>names(d)) has come out with factors for the numbers, which is obviously 
>not what I want.   this must be a pretty elementary request, so it should 
>probably be an example under data.frame (or read.table).  of course, it is 
>probably somewhere---just I have do not remember it and could not find it 
>after 2 hours of searching.  I also tried the r-help archives---at the 
>very least, I hope we will get the answer there for future lookups.
>regards, /iaw
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