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Take a look at the packages listed on cran.r-project.org

or on the r prompt (if all R-packages installed type)

help.search("differential equations")

Help files with alias or concept or title matching 'differential
equations' using fuzzy matching:

IndomethODE(nlmeODE)    Pharmacokinetic modelling of Indomethacin
                        using differential equations
nlmeODE(nlmeODE)        Non-linear mixed-effects modelling in nlme
                        using differential equations
lsoda(odesolve)         Solve System of ODE (ordinary differential
rk4(odesolve)           Solve System of ODE (ordinary differential
                        equation)s by classical Runge-Kutta 4th order

Type 'help(FOO, package = PKG)' to inspect entry 'FOO(PKG) TITLE'.


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On 6/8/2004 at 12:38 AM Márcio de Medeiros Ribeiro wrote:

>>>I would like to know if R can solve Differential Equations...
>>>I don't think so because, in my point, I see R like a Statistical
>>>System, not a 
>>>Math System. Am I wrong?
>>>Thank you very much.
>>>Márcio de Medeiros Ribeiro
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