[R] error during make of R-patched on Fedora core 2

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 7 22:51:45 CEST 2004

Roger Bivand wrote:
> This feels like:
> "After downloading the R sources you should also download the recommended 
> packages by entering the R source tree and running
>     tools/rsync-recommended
> from a shell command line."
> from the R Sources page on CRAN - could you try that (I guess rsync is 
> installed on most Linux standard distributions)?
> On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Gavin Simpson wrote:


Thanks Roger and Marc, for suggesting I use ./tools/rsync-recommended 
from within the R-patched directory.

This seems to have done the trick as make completed without errors this 
time round. The Recommended directory also contained the links to the 
actual tar.gz files after doing the rsync command, so I guess this was 
the problem (or at least related to it.) I'm off home now with the 
laptop to see if I can finish make check-all and make install R.

I have re-read the section describing the installation process for 
R-patched or R-devel in the R Installation and Administration manual 
(from R.1.9.0) just in case I missed something. Section 1.2 of this 
manual indicates that one can proceed *either* by downloading R-patched 
and then the Recommended packages from CRAN and placing the tar.gz files 
in R_HOME/src/library/Recommended, or by using rsync to download 
R-patched, and then to get the Recommended packages. The two are quite 
separately documented in the manual, and do seem to be in disagreement 
with the R-sources page on the CRAN website, which doesn't mention the 
manual download method (for Recommended) at all.

Is there something wrong with the current Recommended files on CRAN, or 
is the section in the R Installation & Admin manual out-of-date or in 
error, or am I missing something vital here? This isn't a complaint: I'm 
just pointing this out in case this is something that needs updating in 
the documentation.

All the best,

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