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No -- the point is that they are mostly orthogonal solutions, not
mutually exclusive.  "Mostly" implies that sometimes, 1 + 1 = 0.5
(i.e. negative interactions can happen if you do not think through
what each is doing for scheduling/job transfer/migration).

For example, you can use SGE, OpenMOSIX, and SNOW-on-PVM (or other
message passing library) all together.

SGE and OpenMOSIX might not be too happy, since they are trying to do
the same thing at different levels, but it would "work" (perhaps


Paul Gilbert <pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca> writes:

> Tony
> Thanks, this categorization has cleared up a few things I have found
> confusing. But should I read this to mean that SNOW would not run  on
> a  system or kernel level parallel setup?
> Thanks,
> Paul Gilbert
> A.J. Rossini wrote:
>>Also see SNOW (which simplifies parallel programming, sits on top of
>>rpvm, Rmpi, or a socket-based system).
>>Depends on whether you want parallelism on the:
>>1. User-level -- the libraries such as PVM, LAM-MPI, etc will help,
>>                 and there are various packages which provide an API
>>                 to those.
>>2. System-level -- then Condor, Sun Grid Engine / Maui scheduler, and
>>                   similar queueing/batching/allocation daemons will
>>                   help (computational grid software is usually a
>>                   generalization of this which adds authentication
>>                   and resource allocation).
>>3. Kernel-level -- then OpenMOSIX, BPROC, etc will help.
>>They are mostly orthogonal.  Mostly... :-).
>>Armin Roehrl <armin at xss.de> writes:
>>>If you do some programming, you might want to look at MPI.
>>>R-extensions for MPI exist  (RMPI).
>>>It all depends a lot on what kind of usage you envisage of your cluster.
>>>Open-PBS is also a good batch system. Maybe you also want to
>>>look at Mosix, which is a modified linux system.
>>>Depending on what your ultimate computing ressources are,
>>>maybe also look at IBM's Globus toolkit.
>>>Parallel programming is fun. The world is inherently parallel!
>>>    -Armin.
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