[R] How to Describe R to Finance People

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Fri Jun 4 14:47:37 CEST 2004

On 06/04/04 13:22, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
>> Although it has a slightly higher learning curve than SPSS-like
>  We're usually more concerned with the first derivative of the learning
>curve than its intercept. Better to say R has a steeper initial learning
>curve. Maybe plot one out in R?

According to my introductory psychology text (Woodworth and
Schlossberg's "Experimental Psychology, Revised Edition" [1954],
ch. 18), a learning curve is a plot of (some measure of) amount
learned as a function of learning trials.  A steep initial slope
therefore implies fast learning.  I wish it were true, but I fear
the opposite is intended.

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