[R] GLMM(..., family=binomial(link="cloglog"))?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Wed Jun 2 00:25:54 CEST 2004

      I'm having trouble using binomial(link="cloglog") with GLMM in 
lme4, Version: 0.5-2, Date: 2004/03/11.  The example in the Help file 
works fine, even simplified as follows: 

      fm0 <- GLMM(immun~1, data=guImmun, family=binomial, random=~1|comm)

      However, for another application, I need binomial(link="cloglog"), 
and this generates an error for me: 

 > fm0. <- GLMM(immun~1, data=guImmun, family=binomial(link="cloglog"), 
Error in getClass(thisClass) : "family" is not a defined class
Error in GLMM(immun ~ 1, data = guImmun, family = binomial(link = 
"cloglog"),  :
        S language method selection got an error when called from 
internal dispatch for function "GLMM"

      Any suggestions? 
      Spencer Graves

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