[R] setting tabstop

Søren Merser merser at image.dk
Thu Dec 30 00:52:07 CET 2004

you are quite right, i didn't  read the source - only sought through the 
documentation - since i would like to change tabsize from within a function
i'm printing a table aligning entries with tabs
the output is messed up if the maximum number of characters ina matrix of 
strings is to big, i.e. >8
it might not be the wrong trail, so perhaps i have to use formatC somehow
regards soren

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On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, [iso-8859-1] Søren Merser wrote:

> is it possible to change tabstop (default 8) in the GUI ?
> regards soren
> i'm using
>   winxp sp2
>   R ver. 2.0.1

Yes, it is possible.  Why would you want to do so?

Since you are asking, you presumably haven't explored the source code.
Hint: what do you think TABSIZE might do?

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