[R] numeric(0)

dax42 Dax42 at web.de
Wed Dec 29 14:17:35 CET 2004

Dear all,

I am trying to calculate a score for a string sequence consisting of 
the following four letters: ACGT.
I have got a matrix giving the scores for each pair of letters.
So for example the string ACCT has got the pairs: AC, CC and CT.

The matrix has got the following form:

So for the first example pair above I could get the score contained in 
the matrix with the following code:
 >> mscore["A","C"]

I am now trying to sum up all the scores with the following code:


for(j in 1:length(sequence)-1){

where sequence is the string sequence.
Unfortunately, it does not work and I get the following error message:

Error in "[<-"(`*tmp*`, 1, i, value = numeric(0)) :
	nothing to replace with

What does this mean? Strangely, the command
works, so it really is the assignment which won't work. Why is that?
I am running R 2.0 series (GUI version) on Mac OSX 10.3.7.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks a lot,

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