[R] about image(graphics) function

Olivier BUHARD obuhard at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 29 11:46:18 CET 2004

Hi all,

is it possible to modify the way a graph obtained
through image(graphics) is filled, I mean starting
filling the graphical matrix by row from the
upper-left rather than by the lower-left cell... In
many cases, it can be usefull to have a representation
of the data spatialy corresponding to a real support,
as it is the case with the function image(marray) from
Bioconductor packages, which fills the graphical
matrix by row from upper-left, but just handles
marrayRaw or marrayNorm objects. Of course, I could
reorder the matrix, but it's heavier than with an
already available function if it exists...

Thanks a lot for help

BUHARD Olivier

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