[R] xlim in lattice

Edwin Leuven e.leuven at uva.nl
Sat Dec 25 23:29:40 CET 2004

dear all,

i do the following (using ecdf from Hmisc, but that in turn uses lattice):

ecdf(~stp | year*abil, group = bonus )

where year*abil defines 2x2 = 4 groups (and i've put year first so that 
years are columns since i want to manipulate the x-axis)

the scale of stp is very different for the 2 years, and i want 
xlim=c(0,60) when year=1, and xlim=c(0,280) when year=2.

i've been trying to solve this seemingly trivial problem for the last 3 
hours and still have no clue.

does anyone know how to achieve this?


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