[R] combination of scatterplot and image graph

Romain François francoisromain at free.fr
Thu Dec 23 09:59:30 CET 2004


you can fit a density using MASS::kde2d and then do a contour plot 
(?contour) and scatterplot your data :

x <- rnorm(500)
y <- rnorm(500)
d <- kde2d(x,y,n=50)


bogdan romocea a écrit :

>Dear R users,
>I'm interested in a combination of a scatterplot and an image graph.
>I have two large vectors. Because in the scatterplot some areas are
>sparsely and others densely populated, I want to see the points, and
>I also want their color to be changed based on their density (similar
>to a heat map). Is there a function that can do that?
>Thank you,
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